Obituaries 2023

The Regimental Association is here to promote the welfare of all veterans of the Regiment. We help to arrange assistance where necessary, to veterans of the Regiment, or to their spouses, widows, widowers, civil partners or children, giving particular consideration to members of the Association, or their dependents.

Alasdair MacLennan


The Reverend Alasdair MacLennan died at Inverness on 20 January 2023.  Born in Inverness, he joined The Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders in 1957 for his National Service and was a member of the Orderly Room staff of the 1st Camerons in Aden and Dover.  He used to recall that his interest in the Ministry was much encouraged by being sent by the Adjutant of the 1st Camerons to attend a short course at The Royal Army Chaplains Department in Bagshot.  In 1979 he became Minister in Brora, and later in Resolis and Urquhart on the Black Isle. 

He accepted an invitation to become Honorary Chaplain to the Cameron Highlanders Branch of the Queen’s Own Highlanders Regimental Association’ and regularly attended Branch events.  He took part in the Services at the Old High Church in Inverness when the Colours of the 1st and 4th/5th Camerons were laid up. He and his wife Betty, who came from Dingwall, latterly retired to Muir of Ord. 


Alex Love


Alex (also known as TD or “Turtle Dove”) died on 15 February 2023 aged 81.   

He spent his formative years in Dunfermline.  When he left school, he went to work in the local Valleyfield coal mine, but when he was old enough, he decided to join the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders.  After amalgamation he became a Queen’s Own Highlander and went on to serve in the UK, Singapore, Borneo, Osnabruck, Berlin, Sharjah, Belize, Northern Ireland, and Hong Kong. 

Alex served the majority of his time in the Battalion in the MT Platoon, eventually becoming B Company’s MT Sergeant in Osnabruck, and then MT Sergeant at the Scottish Infantry Depot, Glencorse.  Alex was therefore a “well kent face” around the regiment and many a young Jock learnt to drive under Alex’s patient tutelage  

When Alex was demobbed after twenty-two and half years with the regiment, he settled down in Bannockburn with Anne and his two daughters, where he found employment as a Security Officer with Stirling University, finally retiring at the age of seventy.  

Richard Foy

QO Hldr

Richard known as Dick passed away peacefully on 14 April 2023.  He was a Queen’s Own Highlander and served with the Battalion in Berlin, Edinburgh, Sharjah, and Northern Ireland.  Whilst serving in Osnabruck (Belfast Barracks) Dick transferred to the Pioneer Corps where he had a very successful career.

Donald J, MacDonald

QO Hldr

Donnie MacDonald 11 passed away on 12 February 2023.  He was born, raised, and educated in Fort William.  From an early age he was a very enthusiastic sportsman and excelled at football, squash and shinty.  Donny joined the army and attended Bridge of Don.

On joining the Queen’s Own Highlanders, he went to ‘A’ Company and from there he became a Medic. He very quickly established himself within the battalion football team where he made the left back position his own.  He was renowned for his overlapping runs down the left flank; essentially a wingback before wingbacks were invented.  He also played a significant part in the historic 4-3 victory over the RHF in the Army Cup. 

Donny served with the battalion in NI, Belize, and Kenya.  He left the army in 1987 and became a manager within retail working in Aberdeen and Liverpool.

Donny finally settled in Aberdeen and is survived by his daughter Kimberley.

David Munro

QO Hldr

David who lived in Lhanbryde and served as a Queen’s Own Highlander in the mid 70’s died on 8 March 2023 aged 67

Michael Bell


Michael sadly passed on 3 May 2023 in the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh with his family beside him.

Born on 1 April 1941 Michael enlisted on 17 February 1958 at the tender age of 17.  He served 13 years until his demob on 26 March 1971.  Serving initially in the Seaforth Highlanders, Michael became a Queen’s Own Highlander on Amalgamation with the Cameron Highlanders in 1962.

During his time with the Battalion, Michael saw service in Singapore, Borneo, Brunei and Osnabrück.

Michael excelled at most sports however, the sport that was closest to his heart was his football. He was known as a legend not only at Company level, but also at Battalion level. This is evident in the collection of football trophies and memorabilia his wife Ruth has in their house to this day.

Although Michael was known as a bit of a frugal man, he would not see anyone doing without and on many occasions, he has helped friends and comrades both financially and through his strong sense of comradeship.

Michael is survived by his wife Ruth as well as his son Michael and stepchild Richard.

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