Regimental Appointments

The Regimental Association is here to promote the welfare of all veterans of the Regiment. We help to arrange assistance where necessary, to veterans of the Regiment, or to their spouses, widows, widowers, civil partners or children, giving particular consideration to members of the Association, or their dependents.


Captain A Spiers MBE 1961-62
Major WA Tait 1962-63
Major RG Holmes MBE, MM 1963-67
Captain AG Henderson 1967-70
Major W Wright 1970-76
Major CJ Keil MBE 1976-80
Lt Colonel CPD Millar 1981-87
Major MA MacDonald MBE 1987-90
Major M MacLeod MBE 1990-93
Major RJ Towns MBE 1993-94

Pipe Majors

PM W MacLeod 1961-62
PM JM Allan 1962-69
PM AA Venters 1969-75
PM IM Morrison 1975-80
PM N Gordon 1980-84
PM AA Reese 1984-87
PM B Hitchings BEM 1988-93
PM A Gillies 1993-94

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Regimental Quartermaster Sergeants

RQMS AF Blincow 1961-63
RQMS L Smith 1963-66
RQMS CJ Keil 1966-68
RQMS A Wheatley 1968-71
RQMS CL McLennan 1971-73
RQMS P Darling 1973-75
RQMS G Murdoch 1975-77
RQMS P White 1977-78
RQMS M MacLeod 1978-80
RQMS J Irwin 1980-81
RQMS RJ Towns 1981-83
RQMS J Westhead 1983-84
RQMS W Kintrea 1984-85
RQMS C Ellis 1985-86
RQMS G Givens 1986-88
RQMS B Hermitage 1988-90
RQMS JK Gray BEM 1990-91
RQMS IK Cameron 1991-92
RQMS J Maciver 1992-93
RQMS D Walker 1993-94

Drum Majors

DM T Pentland 1961-63
DM D MacIllwham 1963-65
DM G Pringle 1965-66
DM W Grant 1966-72
DM J McDonald 1972-77
DM J Finnie 1977-80
DM M Monaghan 1980-82
DM J McDonald 1982-83
DM J Finnie 1983-86
DM W Houston 1986-91
DM N Nairne 1991-94

Orderly Room Quartermaster Sergeants

ORQMS J Murray 1961-64
ORQMS A Lowrie 1964-66
ORQMS R Hughes 1966-71
ORQMS FP Maher 1971-78
ORQMS C Gusterson 1978-83
ORQMS SG MacLeod 1983-85
ORQMS J Bailey MBE 1985-88
ORQMS KJ Howse 1988-92
ORQMS A Curran 1992-94


BM W Babbs 1961-63
BM B Langton 1963-71
BM P Mallas 1971-77
BM G Compson 1977-82
BM GW Jarvis 1982-87
BM TW Whittingham 1987-94

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